Tuesday, April 8, 2014


photo by Lynn Carlson
by Lynn

The other day a duo of pronghorn antelope raced my car as I drove along Highway 30 toward Pine Bluffs.

They do it, I've heard, because they like a challenge.

Now I wonder—how does anybody really know what an antelope likes?

No matter. Susan and I decided to start this blog because we like a challenge. Some might say we are challenged. We enjoy pondering (on paper) the whole writing enterprise. We like to share resources we’ve run into, and we relish hearing from other writers out there in the state and beyond. We’re also fond of the quirky, squared-off-acreage known as Wyoming. So clap it all together and voila – Writing Wyoming. Welcome. Thanks for checking in.

We’ll probably muck it up on occasion, just to give you fair warning. But if blogging was an easy thing, then it wouldn't qualify as a challenge, would it?

Our commitment to you with this blog:

1. We’ll do our best to be real. No “Ten Easy Ways to Write a Bestseller.” No “One Month to Your Finished Novel.” Mastery takes time and we haven’t a clue how long. We have our own pace and so do you. Anything we share will be an honest “here’s where I’m at in my writing process at the present moment” post.

2. We won’t pretend to be experts. I don’t think we even believe in experts when it comes to writing. We are fellow travelers on the writing road. We believe in learning through writing. We believe in being (and finding) mentors, guides, and why-don’t-you-try-this? encouragers. We believe in exploring the questions. We believe that our blog readers can teach us some things and hope to heck that you do.

3. We’ll post regularly (once a week, occasionally more) and bring in some other voices to liven things up and offer other perspectives. We’ll share an eclectic mix of resources through the Writing Wyoming blog roll and links, and tell you about writing-related events on the calendar page. And we’ll throw in anything else that celebrates what it is to be a writer in Wyoming.

4. We’ll keep it clean, civil and generally positive, and ask that you do the same. We writers are challenged enough by the work—sure don’t need to wrench our necks dodging snarky comments and criticism from each other.

So let’s enter this challenge together, shall we? We’ll throw some stuff out into the wind of the internet and see how far it carries. If it’s anything like the wind in Wyoming, we may go round the world.


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. How exciting! We writers need all the encouragement and support we can get. Thanks!

  3. MORE? I am already so inspired by the two of you and now you are offering more?! This is WONDERFUL news and I am deeply grateful that you have risen to take on this new challenge. I'm happy to be with you on the writer's journey!

  4. Thanks one and all. We'll try hard not to disappoint!

  5. I love Wyoming so much. We'd probably be living there but when we stopped to check out Laramie, the winds blew us all the way down to Fort Collins, CO. :D

    I've subscribed to your posts by email so I don't miss anything.

  6. Pat: I hear ya! Sometimes I drive just over the Colorado border, stop, and listen to the quiet. Seems somebody drew the border based on exactly where the winds abate as you head south. But as I once told a friend: the wind keeps the traffic away. :)


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