Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Writing Awards Roundup

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for a quick rundown of the many awards that have been handed out in Wyoming or to Wyoming writers recently. Congratulations to all!

Wyoming Arts Council awards
  • Darcy Lipp-Acord of Weston won the Neltje Blanchan award for nature writing for excerpts from her creative nonfiction book, Circling Back Home: A Plainswoman’s Journey
  • Winner of the Frank Nelson Doubleday award for women writers is Yvette Ward-Horner of Cody for her fiction entry, “Giving Birth is not a Promise.” 

High Plains Book Awards
Julianne Couch is a finalist for the High Plains Book Awards nonfiction category for her work, Traveling the Power Line: From the Mojave Desert to the Bay of Fundy. Julianne lived in Wyoming for 20 years and still teaches for the University of Wyoming.

2014 Wyoming Writers Inc. Awards

Wyoming Writers Inc. 2014 writing contest

Short and Sweet
  • 1st: "Goodbye" by Vickie Goodwin, Douglas, Wyoming
  • 2nd: "Madge’s Kitchen" by Bob Townsend, Atlantic City, Wyoming
  • 3rd: "Enigma" by Brittany Williams, Pine Haven, Wyoming
  • 1st: "Reflections in the Wall" by Shelagh Wulff Wisdom, Douglas, Wyoming          
  • 2nd: "Grandmothers May Come and Go, But Acrylic Yarn is Forever" by Susan Vittitow Mark, Cheyenne, Wyoming                 
  • 3rd: "Losing Ground" by Shelagh Wulff Wisdom, Douglas, Wyoming        
  • HM: "Allen Ginsberg Goes to BoomTown With All Due Respect" by Barbara M. Smith, Rock Springs, Wyoming            
Children’s/Juvenile Fiction
  • 1st: "Losing Julie Moon" by Rebecca Ashcraft,  Kansas City, Missouri         
  • 2nd: "Feeding Time on the Farm" by A.M. Hummel, Hulett, Wyoming                   
  • 3rd: "Partner for Papa" by June Willson Read,  Greensboro, North Carolina          
  • HM: "Rat Haven" by Bonnie Sargent, Sheridan, Wyoming            
Traditional Poetry
  • 1st: "Music Not Heard" by Art Elser, Denver, Colorado    
  • 2nd:  "Alone (after Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks)" by Gail Denham, Sunriver, Oregon                
  • 3rd: "Prepositions" by Cornelius F. Kelly, Pinedale, Wyoming
  • HM: "Winter Hawk" by Renee Meador, Big Horn, Wyoming  
  • HM: "Heavenly Pillow Fight" by Shelagh Wulff Wisdom, Douglas, Wyoming                   
Free Verse Poetry
  • 1st: "Last Thoughts before Drinking From The River Lethe" by Constance Brewer, Gillette, Wyoming
  • 2nd: "She Carried Oklahoma With Her" by Gail Denham, Sunriver, Oregon                
  • 3rd: "Lies We Tell To Our Children" by Constance Brewer,   Gillette, Wyoming
  • HM: "Generosities" by Lynn Carlson, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • HM: "Beloved" by Renee Meador, Big Horn, Wyoming 
  • HM: "Best Friends" by Constance Brewer, Gillette, Wyoming               
  • 1st: "Cries on the Prairie" by Barbara Marsak, Hill City, South Dakota
  • 2nd: "Scars" by A.M. Hummel, Hulett, Wyoming 82720
  • 3rd: "The Telegraph Tree" by Linda Broday, Amarillo, Texas
  • HM: "In the Shadow of the Xerxes Canal" Constance Brewer, Gillette, Wyoming



  1. Congratulations on your second place finish! Wonderful!!


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