Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On Ego and Ira Glass

 by Susan

I woke up one morning and everything I had ever written had turned to utter dreck. The essay that placed second in a contest? Ugh. Every poem in my notebook was a dud. The embryonic novel-in-progress? What was I thinking?!?

I emailed my trusted friend and co-blogger Lynn, knowing she would have the right words of wisdom. Which she did:

I think it's time you slapped your ego in the face, hard, and said, "Shut up." That's where all that shit's coming from, darling. And if you give it your undivided attention, it will never shut up.

I know if I do not give myself permission to write badly, I will never write as well as I could. It's tough to give up that desire to be perfect every time, the first time, no matter how unrealistic it is. On that note, this is a good time for Ira Glass's take on the creative process. Every time my ego gets the better of me, I need to watch this again:


  1. If anyone needs to worry about writing badly, it isn't you!


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