Friday, September 5, 2014

More Writing Spaces

On Tuesday, we talked about the need to carve out a writing space and invited readers to share theirs with us. We hope you enjoy them, and that you enjoy creating your own space.

Art Elser
Here's my writing space. It's in the basement with only a sliver of a window on the west and north sides, so almost no natural light. What you can't see is the lock on the door to the basement--can only be opened by Kathy from the outside --and the slot in the door to pass trays of food down to me.

The desk is bare because my MacBook Air is on holiday at the Apple repair place, getting a new battery. I love the Air because my secondary writing space, in the warmer months, of course, is on our patio where I can see sky and trees and hear birds and crickets and cicadas and the damned lawn service mowers and blowers. And thrown in lately is the sound of concrete saws and their attendant dust. 

Lynn G. Carlson

 It's my creative chaos and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Plus, the window is garden level and bunnies and ground squirrels peek in at me


  1. I agree with Lynn that creative chaos is the best. What you can't see in my office is my filing system, books, folders, papers, on the floor. I pushed it to the side a bit to give the illusion--sometimes called poetic license--that I'm somewhat organized. I live by the idea that a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.

    1. I keep trying to find that balance where there's enough around to jog my creative juices, but not enough chaos that I can't find things. Alas, I seem to keep erring on the side of chaos.


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