Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Bit More on Place

by Susan

After Susan Marsh's wonderful guest post earlier this week, we came across a new discussion from Page Lambert on the same topic, a summary of a panel discussion, "At the Heart of Place," that she was on with Dawn Wink, Julene Bair and Susan Tweit at the Women Writing the West conference.

Each offered her own perspective on the places that shaped them and shaped their writing -- from a west Kansas farm, ranchland, even the stars.

Lambert notes:

How then, is setting or location different?  When narrative, story, brings a place to life, it becomes the Place where something happened

I know every place I have lived or encountered shapes me in some way and spills out in my writing. There are the places I treasured, like Alaska, that always felt like magic to me. There is the city I grew up in, a minor rivet on the rust belt enduring hard times then and even harder times now. I wanted to leave it desperately, but I will carry a piece of it with me always. Cheyenne was like an arranged marriage for me. I came here for my husband's job and wasn't too sure about this place in the first place, but I fell in love with it over the years as I made my home here.

What about you? What is your place, the place that feeds your writing? Please share!

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  1. I have three "places" now, and maybe more. One is the ocean. I grew up in Southern California, semi-near the beach, and the vastness and power of the ocean inspired me profoundly. (The traffic, heat and crowds, not so much.) Strangely enough, the prairie here in Wyoming gives me a very similar feeling, so I consider it one of my places too. The mountains of Southern California are another source of inspiration. I have lived and loved so many places, it's hard to pick!


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