Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rules for My Kitchen

by Susan

Coffee first, then food.
Live dangerously. Lick the batter off the spoon.
Eat what you want. Listen to your body.
Make a mess. Clean it up.
I love you, but stay out of my kitchen when I cook.
Food is forgiving. Create recklessly.
Recipes are mere suggestions. Experiment.
You can never go wrong starting dinner with sizzling onions.
Although there are limits. Sizzling onions over ice cream? Doubtful.
On the other hand, I could be mistaken. Try onion ice cream if you want.
When in doubt, err on the side of too much butter.
Vanilla, too. Measure it over the bowl so the extra spills over.
Garlic makes life complete.
Fresh is better.
Invest in good knives. Chop with confidence.
There are no rules.

Coffee first, then writing.
Live dangerously. Release the muse.
Write what you want. Listen to your soul.
Make a messy first draft. Clean it up.
I love you, but stay out of my room when I write.
Words are forgiving. Create recklessly.
Writing guides are mere suggestions. Experiment.
You can never go wrong finding the sizzling, red-hot core of your story.
There are no limits to that sizzling core.
I am not mistaken on this one.
When in doubt, err on the side of too much writing time.
Self-care, too. Fill yourself until you overflow.
Words make life complete.
Fresh is better.
Invest in your editing. Chop with confidence.
There are no rules.


  1. Absolutely wonderful, Susan. This sounds so much like you I've been laughing all the way through reading this entry. Can you set the poem to music and play along with your guitar? I am very sure you can find a home, or several homes, for this poem.

    I think I'll skip the onions on my ice cream though. Ice cream is sacred, as are onions, and should never be mixed. Unless, of course, you discover it's good and can sell the patent for a gazillion bucks. Ben and Jerry's is always looking for new flavors. Would onion ice cream peel off in layers? Would there be a skin you had to peel off and throw out?

    1. Thank you! I don't know that it has the right rhythm for a song, but I could try. I could at least ship it to Echo for the WyoPoets newsletter.

      Maybe you could save the skin when you peel the onion, form the ice cream into a ball and wrap it back up in the skin for an elegant presentation?

    2. p.s. I didn't actually think of it as a poem, but am flattered you interpreted it as such. :)

  2. Very clever! I would never have thought to compare cooking to writing, although both are creating. For the record, I don't find food to be all that forgiving. It burns when you forget about it, and there is no backspace to un-burn it. And when you accidentally dump an entire container of cinnamon into your batter, for example, you can never take enough of it back out to make the item edible. I can always go back and delete extraneous and/or badly written words.

    I could go on.

    Food only forgives those who know what the heck they are doing, like yourself. Writing, however, is blessedly easy to fix. Thank God!

    1. Ah, but words once shared can be less than forgiving if those words burn. I've wished for a backspace many a time! It's like the story of how if you pound a nail into a board for every time you say something unkind to a person, then pull one out for each kindness, you can manage to remove every nail, but you can't remove the holes. The worst that happens if I burn dinner is that I have to order pizza. ;-)


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