Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Writing Opportunities in Wyoming

Susan here: today just want to let you know about some contests and events coming up for writers in Wyoming and beyond. Both these organizations are near and dear to our hearts — Susan is president of WyoPoets, and Lynn serves on the board of Wyoming Writers, Inc. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities:

WyoPoets Chapbook Contest
Deadline extended to October 31, 2017
This is a members-only contest, but it's easy to join WyoPoets, and only $20 a year to be part of a wonderful organization.

Theme is Hunger and Yearning: Hunger denied and yearning fulfilled. Dreams dashed and wants satisfied. What do your mind, soul, body ache for? What is your deepest desire? Have you found it, or do you still long for it? Our judge, Art Elser, suggests this might include:

  • Hunger for justice 
  • Hunger for a simpler life 
  • Yearning for some life-time dream 
  • Yearning for someone long lost friend, person, parent 
  • Yearning of a teenager for city life 
  • Yearning of someone who wants to go back to childhood 
  • Hunger for peace in the world 
  • Yearning to be a better person, poet, writer, parent, grandparent 
  • Yearning for a trip to the home of immigrant grandparents, parents, great grandparents

These are just idea-starters -- there are many other variations on this theme.

Download the guidelines and send your entry by Oct. 15, 2017. Chapbook contest open to WyoPoets members. Not a member? Join us! You may send your membership fee separately to our treasurer, or include it with your submission. Questions? Contact wyopoets@gmail.com.

WyoPoets Eugene V. Shea National Poetry Contest
Opens October 1, 2017; Deadline December 15, 2017
The WyoPoets invite submissions to the 2018 Eugene V. Shea National Poetry Contest. First prize is $100, second place $50, third $30, and fourth $20. Up to five honorable mentions will be awarded. Poems, published or unpublished, of up to 40 lines, including title and line breaks, are eligible. Entry fee is $3 plus $1 per poem entered, no limit on number of poems entered. Questions may be directed to Katie Smith, contest chair, at wyopoets@gmail.comDownload full guidelines.

This annual contest is named in honor of Eugene V. Shea of Hanna, a long-time member and past president of WyoPoets. Shea chaired the national contest for eight years, represented WyoPoets at numerous meetings of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, and served as a juror for poetry contests in other states. A prolific writer, he wrote more than 1,300 poems and published eight volumes of poetry.

WyoPoets 2018 Spring Workshop
April 27-28, Cheyenne, Wyo.
WyoPoets is pleased to announce that our 2018 workshop will be held in Cheyenne on April 27-28. Friday evening at 6:30 we will meet at the Laramie County Library, 220 Pioneer Ave., for an open poetry reading. On Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm, award-winning Colorado poet Art Elser will share his insights on poetry at the Lions Park Community House in Cheyenne. A light morning snack, coffee, and lunch will be served. The cost will be $50.00 per person, with some youth scholarships available. Please contact Chere Hagopian at 307-287-6413 or chere@batteryship.com with any questions. More info coming soon at http://www.wyopoets.org/spring-workshop.html and on our Facebook page.

Wyoming Writers, Inc. 2018 Conference
June 1-3, Dubois, Wyo.
Save the date! Lynn here: if you're like me, your summer gets planned out well ahead of spring (aka mud season). I already have several dates on my calendar for June--yikes! That's just the way it is for people who have a lot of interests, family and desire to travel when it (hopefully) isn't blizzarding out.

One of the dates, a very important one, is for the Wyoming Writers, Inc. conference, June 1st through 3rd, 2018. The conference is going to be in Dubois, which is a lively small community, nestled in a beautiful part of Wyoming. I'm on the WW, Inc. board this year, so I've gotten to hear about all the great presenters who are going to teach and inspire us. Not my role to divulge yet, but the program is definitely going to be diverse, engaging and ambitious. Worth a spot on your calendar so go write it down, right now! June 1st through 3rd, 2018.

Check out the website. If you're on social media, follow Wyoming Writers on Twitter and the Facebook page and group. Consider joining! It's the most encouraging group of writers you'll find, and open to all.

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  1. Great list of stuff for writers and poets, Susan. A good idea once in a while to do this for us who might be too lazy to look hard for good writing workshops or contests. Thanks.

  2. Thanks! Glad it's helpful :)


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