Sunday, December 3, 2017

Countdown Days to Contest and Christmas

Guest post by Myra Peak

Count down the number of days until Christmas or the number of days until the WyoPoets Eugene V. Shea National Poetry Contest deadline (December 15).

When you count down days are you wasting or using the days?

My grandmother accused my mother of wasting my grandmother's life by counting the days until any big event. As with many relationships, you'd have to know those two to appreciate the solemnity of it all. I, on the other hand, prefer to look at what I've gained or achieved in the ensuing counted down days.

Use the 21 days to Christmas to find ways to be kind to others. Open a door for someone, find a dollar bill on a store floor for someone who looks like they need chocolate, sweep snow off a neighbor's sidewalk, or offer cookies to a stranger or a friend walking by your house. The surprise could be that you get new material for the poems you will write in the next 11 days before the deadline for the Shea Contest. 

A member of WyoPoets has challenged his writing friends to enter the Shea Contest, touting the ease and low cost of entering. His encouragement has been tempered by his caveat that he expects to win as many prizes as possible so he has shared his condolences to us early on.

I challenge each of you to make him work harder for his poetry. He and we will appreciate it.

Entry guidelines can be found at

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