Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Expanding Possibility: A Writing Manifesto by Katie Stover Kelly

Susan here: In my online travels, I spotted the #TeachWrite Chat Blog, "a gathering place for thoughts about writing for teachers who write." It might be primarily for teachers, but there is plenty here for writers in all professions. I've been particularly enjoying their series of writing manifestos. This one, by Katie Stover Kelly particularly caught my eye, but they're all excellent. They were kind enough to let us repost it here.

Enjoy! And if you're on Twitter, join their #TeachWrite chat every Monday at 5:30 Mountain Time. 

Guest post by Katie Stover Kelly

The scratching of pencil on paper.
The tapping of the keyboard.
Voice memos on the phone.
Technology allows us to craft our writing in new ways.
Combining modalities and expanding our possibilities.

I believe choice is fundamental to writing. Not only choice of topics but choice of genres, formats, and tools are essential.

I believe our role as educators is to help all writers find their voices and their identities.

I believe we must create spaces in our classroom communities that value authentic meaningful writing experiences.

I believe that as teachers of writing, we must be writers ourselves.

I believe anyone can be a writer.
Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.
Just do it.
Why you might ask?

I believe writing allows us to find ourselves.
I believe writing expands our thinking.
I believe writing deepens our understanding.
I believe writing opens the world of possibility.
I believe writing helps us process, ponder, and be present.
I believe writing is a way to share our joys, sorrows, and journeys.

Writing is a unique and personal process.
Tinker on the page.
Tap on the keyboard.
Speak into your voice memo.

Breathe life to your own canvas and enjoy the journey.


Katie Stover Kelly is a former elementary teacher and literacy coach. She is currently an Associate Professor of Education at Furman University in Greenville, SC. She has written numerous articles and published two coauthored books: Smuggling Writing through Corwin Press, and From Pencilsto Podcasts with Solution Tree. Katie is writing a new (yet unnamed) book with Lester Laminack which is due out in 2018. You can connect with Katie on Twitter @ktkelly14.