Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Oh Half-Filled Lemonade Glasses and Goodbyes

By Susan
Once a wise counselor pointed out to me that I was like a pitcher of water, and that I kept trying to pour and pour and pour out without ever stopping to refill.

I prefer lemonade, so we'll go with lemonade. And I've been trying to serve so many glasses of it that I'm having to leave many half-filled. It horrifies me to do this to guests, but it's all I got sometimes. Not only is the pitcher running dry, but truth be told, I'm running out of lemons in the fruit bowl to make more.

So with that, I am bidding goodbye to this blog. I'd like to say I'm proud of (some of) the work I did on it, but I'm prouder of the different voices we've been able to bring in. This has become a place where many writers shared their thoughts on writing. I learned from every one, and I'm grateful they allowed us to share their words. To all those who contributed guest posts, I offer a sincere thank you.

Thank you to all our faithful readers who've stopped by for our weekly dose of quirk and maybe commented or shared. Or just enjoyed. Enjoyed is enough.

We'll have one more post by Lynn next week. We'll leave the blog up for a few months, just without any new posts. We'll have the email address, if you want to reach us, for as long as we keep the blog up. We're shutting down our Pinterest and Twitter accounts mid-June.

I've often joked that I should start an Etsy shop and sell jars full of "NO!" for busy women. Just a mason jar, some frilly fabric to decorate it, with slips of paper inside -- different colors, different fonts -- that just say "NO." Any time a busy woman is asked to do something else, she could simply reach into her jar full of NO and pull one out.

I realized lately that I don't say YES because I feel guilty, but because I get excited about things. This is a good thing, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I recommend you put down that fork before your third slice of lemon pie. Or worse yet, pecan.

I've had a blast doing this, but there is only so much lemonade in my pitcher and it's time for me to focus on other things. My writing journey is taking a different path. I wish you well on your own journey.